Three junket operators—Bula Mula LLC, High Tides LLC, and Stellar Paradise LLC—have been approved to work with Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC and bring in big gamblers.

The Commonwealth Casino Commission approved the applications of the three junket companies for a provisional license during last week’s meeting at the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library video conference room.

Junket operators invite or attract bigtime players and other VIPs to casinos. They usually offer first-class accommodations—from travel to hotel and other personalized perks.

Owners Zhang Hong (Bula Mula), Dong Jiming (Hight Tides), and Ma Hongyi (Stellar Paradise) were represented by lawyer Michael Dotts when they attended last week’s CCC monthly meeting.

The only other junket operator whose provisional license CCC has already approved is Big Bang Entertainment.

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