Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation as a practice area involves taking a case to court. When two or more parties become embroiled in a legal dispute and one seeks money as damages or other relief but not criminal charges, then civil litigation is the result. The parties must instead head to the courtroom for trial so a judge or jury can decide their dispute.

Lawyers who practice in civil litigation are known as “litigators” or a “trial attorneys.” They practice across a broad spectrum of associated proceedings, including drafting pleadings and motions, engaging in a process called “discovery” to obtain the evidence needed to prove their client’s case or disprove the case of the opponent, negotiating to settle the matter short of going to trial, and ultimately, taking the case to trial. Then, dealing with appeals and post-judgment proceedings.

The role and responsibilities of an attorney practicing civil litigation can be challenging and diverse. The process is referred to as “adversarial” with two or more parties pitted against each other. The attorney is his client’s advocate, obligated to argue the client’s position and to achieve the best possible outcome on the client’s behalf. Lawyers working in this practice area must be willing to assume oppositional positions, to embrace conflict and controversy, and to effectively act as aggressive advocated for their client’s positions.

The litigation philosophy of the Dotts Law Office is clear. We thoroughly prepare our cases for successful results at trial without losing sight of alternative resolutions that can still achieve desired results. We listen to our clients as well as advise them and develop strategies with them for success. We use technology to advocate effectively in the courtroom. We work with experts and investigators to properly prepare our clients’ cases.

Civil litigation can be very expensive and take years to complete. The Dotts Law Office develops litigation budgets to help clients plan, assists clients with payment options, and works with clients to help them through what can be a very stressful process.