On March 24, the Governor extended the tax filing and payment deadline for both individuals and corporations to July 15, 2020 through the Department of Finance, Division of Revenue & Taxation. This extension gives taxpayers who owe money to the government an additional three month to pay the tax they owe.

This is good news. But, don’t be complacent. For taxpayers who can claim a refund they should file as soon as they can because they will get their refund sooner. Even if the payment and filing deadline has been extended, there is no need to wait till July 15 if you are getting a refund. Submitting your return now (or as soon as the stay at home order is lifted) while Rev & tax is not too busy might result in a quicker refund.

This updates our article published on March 23, 2020.

Anthea Yuan is an attorney with the Dotts Law Office and practices Tax Law. She received an LLM in Tax from Northwestern University, graduating with honors.
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